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Uncovering our past to preserve for the future

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  British Police Collectors Sites

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1   Link   Alans Police Memorabilia
Collection of the late Alan Swain
2   Link   Police Vehicle Enthusiasts Club
A club for police vehicle enthusiasts. Including model police vehicles.
3   Link   City of London Police
4   Link   Mersey Tunnels Police
5   Link   Truncheons and Tipstaves
The history of decorated truncheons through two and half centuries. (1700 - 1950)
6   Link   The Badgers Lair
Specialises in Special Constabulary
7   Link   The British Police Helmet
Insignia and Helmets from England and Wales.
Nice collection of Welsh insignia
8   Link   Whistleshop.co.uk
Great selection of police whistles
9   Link   Trooperhats
Shows various State Highway Patrol Hats and UK Police helmets in his collection
10   Link   Police Collectors Blogs
Police and International Law Enforcement Collectors Blogs
11   Link   Police Memorabilia Collector - Tom Smith
This is my new website, It has pictures of all the items in my collection and details of how to contact me
12   Link   The Police Insignia Collectors Association of Great Britian
13   Link   Police Reference
A guide to the Insignia and formation of the British Police
14   Link   Slatersworld.com
Richard Clay's ( Bobby135 ) Ebay Store Specialising in British and other International Police and Law Enforcement Memorabilia
15   Link   Scottish Police Medals
Specialising in the research and documentation of the lives of the recipients of the King Edward VII Police (Scotland) Medal 1903 and the King George V Coronation (Scottish Police) Medal 1911.
16   Link   Cedric Heys
Listing of British police badges for sale.
17   Link   Jack Leddy collectors site
Enthusiastic Police Memorabilia collector
18   Link   David Cushworth's Collection
My collection of badges primarily from Forces from the British Isles, but with others thrown in for good measure.

19   Link   Avon & Somerset Constabulary
A blog about Avon & Somerset Constabulary Police memorabilia.