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Uncovering our past to preserve for the future

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  World Police Collectors Sites

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1   Link   Dave's Police Patch Collection
Police patches featuring the name of my home town of Newcastle and the names of my Family, Sharron, Laura & Lorraine
2   Link   Badgecollecting.com
A very interesting site with some great detailed info on US badges and the acquiring of same.
Go through the various headings and all will be revealed
3   Link   Joe Borda Home Page
Here one can see a part of my collection of police hats, uniforms, badges, ect from all over the world.
4   Link   Ozbadge
5   Link   Wim's police badge and patch collection
Wims collection of badges and patches from around the world
6   Link   Police Badge Store
Various US and International federal and police badges
7   Link   Prairie-Law-Dog's Patches
Canadian Patch collectors website
8   Link   SERCOP Com
World collectors patch website and sales
Dan's website of Police Patches
10   Link   International Collectors Group
New International Collectors Group.with Collectors from different parts of the world!!
Come and join us!!

11   Link   www.policebadgestore.com
Online web-store offering US Federal and Police badges.
12   Link   Richard Clay
Police Collectors Blog
13   Link   Police Badge Trader Network
An website, where collectors can sell / trade any Law Enforcement items.
14   Link   Cedric Heys
Police and Military badges of the World.
15   Link   Alastair Dinsmor's International Police Collection
Insignia, headgear and uniforms from EVERY country in the World.
16   Link   Police Hats of the World